Course Description

This package which is geared towards individuals that want to start a career in cosmetology contains:
  • - Area Topical Quizzes
  • - Final Exams (Total of 5 exams)
  • - Practicum

Area Topical Quizzes:

  • The course provides the student with practice questions for the TX Cosmetology PreCertification written exam.
  • The quizzes enable you to find your weeknesses & strengths and determine areas to study more closely.
  • Each section of the written exam is covered, so you have the opportunity for extensive practice before taking the final exam series.

Final Exam:

  • This final exam provides the student with a walk-thru for the Texas Cosmetology Written Exam.
  • There are five (5) different final exams that provide a representative set of sample questions. The correct precentage of topics is accounted for in the exam contents.


  • The course provides the student with a walk-through for the Texas Cosmet PreCertification practical exam.
  • Our videos allow students to view correct procedures & techniques.
  • Tips on what to watch out for, review bullets & important testing aspects are included in each video.
  • Approach the Texas practical exam with confidence after completing this practice review.
Texas Cosmetology License Renewal Online
Texas Cosmetology Exam Prep Package

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